The Lynkeus Board of Directors:

1) Carla Collicelli
2) Giuseppe De Rita
3) Edwin Morley-Fletcher (President)
4) Alpin MacGregor
5) Alessandro Sattanino

Corporate Partners:

The Centre for Social Studies and Policies (CENSIS)
With the participation of major public and private bodies, CENSIS has worked for over forty years to produce a steady stream of research, consulting, evaluation and proposals in vital sectors of society such as education, labour, welfare, regional networks, the social environment, regional and urban development, government, communications and culture. It is led by Giuseppe De Rita.

European Research Centre (CER)
A centre of economic research, consulting, and training founded in 1981 and chaired by Giorgio Ruffolo, CER produces short-term and medium-term forecasts and analyses on economic trends in Italy, quantitative assessments of economic action in the political sphere, research and studies on public finance, taxation, monetary policies, and industrial policies. Its clients include the Italian Parliament and CNEL.