Edwin Morley-Fletcher
President of Lynkeus. Professor of Administration Science La Sapienza and of Welfare Public Policies at the University of Rome (2004-2012). Professor of Political Science at the University of Macerata (1994-2004).
Member of the board of directors of the National League of Cooperatives (1989-1998), co-president of the Basic Income European Network (1989-1998), president of Unicard SpA (1990-1996), councillor in the National Council of Economy and Labour of the board of (CNEL) and chair of its Welfare Market Group (1995-2000).

Alessandro Sattanino
An economist with particular expertise in information science. Manager and research associate at the European Research Centre (CER) in Rome for many years. Leader of numerous studies on the impact of the spread of communications and information technology in Italian society, especially in government.
Manager for five years of the government agency in charge of preparing the Millennium celebrations in Rome and responsible for the planning and creation of information and telecommunication systems for Holy Year.
Former professor of Politics and Economics and the History of Economics at the University of Molise.

Callum MacGregor
MPhil Computer Speech & Language Processing, BSc (Hons) Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence, is Lynkeus Technical Architect.

Prof. Paolo Pavone
Chair of the Lynkeus clinical oversight board. Director of the Department of Radiology at the “Mater Dei” Hospital in Rome and former head of the Department of Radiology at the University of Parma, he is a member of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (SMRI), the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE), the European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB).
He is the author or co-author of several hundred publications and organised or co-organised over 65 Italian and international clinical conferences.

Consultants and research associates
The rest of the team includes project managers, administrators, engineers economists, and professionals with several other areas of expertise in various disciplines. All the members of the team have significant relevant experience in the sectors of IT, finance and research, in many cases at the international level.