The Lynkeus Continuous Consulting service is a form of medium-term strategic consultancy aimed at the identification, analysis, evaluation and planning of innovative strategic solutions:
• Identification and development of new strategic business areas
• Introduction of new technologies
• Reinvention of organisational and functional structure
• Creation of international networks
• Identification and development of scientific research programmes

Characteristic of the service
A continuous consulting programme generally involves devising, planning and supervising the implementation of various often interrelated initiatives.
It involves the full-time employment of a set number of resources specialising in the various sectors covered in turn by the analysis. If necessary, these resources can also be external.

It presupposes a relationship of continuous collaboration with the client organisation, which will be actively involved in the following phases in particular:
• The definition of objectives
• The subsequent testing and fine tuning of solutions with a view to their gradual integration and modification
Client involvement will in any case be managed so as to restrict any interference with the normal course of everyday activities to the bare minimum.

While the activities carried out will vary in relation to the objectives concerned, the fundamental elements of this type of consulting service are as follows:
• Definition of objectives: e.g. identification of individual projects and working methods
• Analysis of the present situation: e.g. data gathering and processing
• Planning, launching and development of projects: planning and fine tuning, identification of technological and/or financial partners, etc.
• Supervision during the implementation phase