truecareLynkeus’ team of physicians, engineers and business executives has been leading design and implementation of advanced medical informatics solutions for more than fifteen years. We connect hospitals, technology developers and large businesses through TrueCare®, a distributed clinical data and analytics platform containing today more than 55.000 unique medical records, complete with imaging studies (CT, MRI, Echocardiograms) and genomic data. TrueCare® is designed to test and clinically validate clinical decision support systems (CDSS). Our goal is to extend its capabilities into a digital marketplace, to seamlessly connect technology providers and clinical users to improve how doctors make decisions every day.


The commercial potential for decision support technologies is large, with an estimated CAGR of 22% in the next 4 years, growing faster than any other eHealth segment. Doctors’ day-today decisions are unanimously considered the key drivers of medicine’s cost/benefit equation and yet market penetration of decision support tools is significantly delayed by wide infrastructural gaps. Well-established channels and processes to introduce new products exist for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, and are mediated by specialized services businesses, but are still immature for decision support software. Products clinical validation is for instance both complex and expensive while returns on investments for hospitals and businesses are unproven. The regulatory framework is also still evolving. Yet this market is projected to reach $18,5 billion globally by 2020.

Our project will be implemented in two phases. Initially we will provide specialized services to drive adoption of a carefully selected set of CDSS that have already been proven in retrospective clinical studies. For these we’ll conduct required prospective randomized clinical trials, regulatory stewardship and business development. Variable costs of these services will be driven down by  leveraging TrueCare® and our distributed-site model for clinical trials. This phase is crucial to prime the market by building proof of value and confidence among stakeholders. In the second phase we’ll scale up our business by automating key functions into a new release of TrueCare® (2020), realizing a digital exchange of validated decision support algorithms for the broader market in which Lynkeus will gain the leading position.