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Thanks to its extensive experience in innovative research and effective project management,

Lynkeus offers cutting-edge services and solutions in a variety of areas.


Lynkeus offers medium-term strategic consultancy aimed at the identification, analysis, evaluation

and planning of innovative strategic solutions such as new strategic business areas, new

technologies introduction, organisational and functional restructuring, internal networks creation,

and scientific research programmes identification and development. This service can also provide

a continuous consulting programme aiming at devising, planning and supervising the implementation

of interrelated initiatives, and at employing a set of full-time internal and external

resources, specialised in cross-cutting analytical sectors.


Lynkeus’ expertise leads to specific dissemination techniques particularly suited to highlight

scientific and technological outcomes in order to ensure that communication material is accessible

and understandable by both experts and lay people, allowing to involve also extensive patient

groups, when needed. Thus, specific knowledge is shared among stakeholders, partners,

and users, and external organisations and actors can be recruited to empower their expertise.


Lynkeus offers advance established project management services to institutions and organisations

seeking European Commission funds for innovative research projects. Thanks to its accrued

experience in FP6/FP7/H2020 European projects, its added value stems from the

approach operating with roles separation in the global coordination and responsibility delegation

to leading industrial or clinical partners, by working in a closely integrated fashion to prompt a 

co-operative and effective decision-making process.


Intense discussion on preliminary strategic analysis designed by Lynkeus together with decision-

makers among clients leads to ad hoc groups formation for high-level brainstorming to

bring out possible future scenarios. During these well-designed sessions, each projects team,

embedded in a clime of freedom and knowledge, identifies possible crucial hints on a broad

range of information for alternative business views and future events to be developed by Lynkeus

together with the experts. This scenario methodology allows the client to explore different

perspectives on business model, to compare different views on emerging issues, to document

societal thinking changes, to expand market understanding, and to focus on operational management.


• Clinical decision support technologies. Lynkeus has supported the design and the implementation

of advanced decision support technologies including machine learning and AI models

in a variety of diseases. Medical experts define work-flow and clinical validation requirements,

evaluate cost-effectiveness, legal and ethical constraints and engage directly with clinicians

throughout the solution's life cycle. As co-author of the Avicenna Roadmap In-silico Clinical

Trials: How Computer Simulation will Transform the Biomedical Industry, an EC-supported research

and technological strategy road-map for simulation-based development of biomedical products,

Lynkeus has been pioneering the use of advanced in-silico solutions for biomedical

research too, promoting the use of anatomical models and virtual patients in clinical trials.

• Secure biomedical data sharing, privacy preservation and GDPR compliance. As the Project

Coordinator of the H2020 MyHealthMyData project, Lynkeus has led the development of the

first peer-to-peer biomedical data sharing infrastructure in Europe that is GDPR compliant by

design, allowing data to be shared at scale between patients, hospitals, research centres and

businesses. In this context, as well as in other subsequent projects including euCanSHare, eu-

CanImage, KRAKEN and SimCor, Lynkeus is also directly exploring innovative techniques for

synthetic data and their use as key enhancer of biomedical R&D productivity under the highest

privacy standards, as well as secure computations without accessing the original data, but delivering

analytics outputs bringing the algorithms to the data, through homomorphic encryption,

secure multi-party computation, and federated learning. Lynkeus has developed a deep expertise

in analysing and addressing Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of cross-border

data sharing and artificial intelligence applications in healthcare.

• Blockchain in healthcare. Lynkeus has led the creation of the Research Data Alliance

(RDA) Interest Group on Health Data, as well as the Blockchain in health Working Group within

the RDA and the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). and of the Lynkeus is fostering the

use of blockchain as a key solution to major challenges in healthcare, such as privacy protection,

systems interoperability, and patient empowerment over personal data. Lynkeus consults

with both private and academic centres to design and implement blockchain-based infrastructures

for data sharing, access control and logistics in a variety of biomedical scenarios.

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