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For over twenty years, Lynkeus has been active in a variety of research fields, from welfare market’s electronic payments, public administrations’ procurement cards, healthcare models and policies’ IT systems, IPR issues, big data analytics, blockchain and tokenomics solutions, privacy-enhancing technologies, artificial intelligence, synthetic data and secure computation. Since 2000, it supported, together with the World Bank and the Arab Urban Development Institute, the Gaslini Foundation MedChild initiative, and it has been involved in EU-funded projects since 2006.

Lynkeus’ multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with hospitals, universities, laboratories and industrial partners, drives the decision support solutions, large-scale data sharing platforms and computer-based simulation systems development, delivering innovation integrating deep clinical, technological, economic and legal competencies, thanks to its EU-funded and commercial projects extensive experience.


Edwin Morley-Fletcher

Executive President & Founder

Davide Zaccagnini

Biomedical Development Advisor


Lorenzo Cristofaro

Privacy & Technology Consultant

Ludovica Durst

Legal Advice Manager

Anna Rizzo

Research & Dissemination Manager


Mirko De Maldè

Project Manager

Beatrice Bressan

Executive Advisor

Antonella Trezzani

Administration Manager


Minos Garofalakis

Cryptography & Computer


Edwin Morley-Fletcher (President), Mirko De Maldè, Giuseppe De Rita, Alpin MacGregor, Callum MacGregor, Paolo Morley-Fletcher


Science Consultant

Matteo Testi

Artificial Intelligence Consultant