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Davide Zaccagnini

Biomedical Development Advisor

Research opportunities & related technologies

Graduated in medicine and specialized in surgery in Rome, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Davide studied applications of artificial intelligence in clinical decision support systems, clinical guidelines automation and natural language processing, publishing in numerous international journals. He is the author of two books on models of decision-making in medicine. From 2008 to 2010 he served in the Advisory Board of the World Wide Web Consortium focusing biomedical data standards and Semantic Web applications.


As director of product management for Nuance Communications and then for two US start-ups, he designed advanced systems for natural language understanding, clinical decision making and medical billing currently in use in multiple US healthcare networks. In Lynkeus he oversees research activities focusing on blockchain-based biomedical data exchange at scale, personal data marketplaces and clinical artificial intelligence, sharing his time between Rome and Boston.

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