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EuCanImage kick-off meeting

EuCanImage has been launched. This project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program with 10 million euros, will build a federated and scalable cancer imaging platform, to contribute to the improvement of the potential of artificial intelligence and precision medicine in oncology.

Beyond Lynkeus, this 4-year research project will comprise twenty world-renowned research institutions, companies and clinical centers across Europe and the United States. The Spanish institutions that participate in the project include the University of Barcelona but also the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the Centre for Genomic Regulation and the University of the Basque Country.

The EuCanImage platform will have a new data resource totalling over 25,000 subjects, which will allow to investigate unmet clinical needs like never before, such as for the detection of small liver lesions and metastases of colorectal cancer, and it will also allow to estimate molecular subtypes of breast tumours and will develop AI solutions to estimate a complete pathological response.

Moreover, the cancer imaging platform, leveraging the well-established EuroBioImaging infrastructure, will be cross-linked to biological and health repositories through the European Genome-phenome Archive, allowing to develop multi-scale AI solutions that integrate organ-level, molecular and other clinical predictors into dense patient-specific cancer fingerprints.


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