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Edwin Morley-Fletcher

Executive President & Founder

Strategy, business developmentand risk assessment

Former Professor of Administration Science at the Faculty of Politics, La Sapienza University in Rome, Edwin has been Project Manager of FP6 Health-e-Child, FP7 Sim-e-Child and MD-Paedigree, Project Coordinator of FP7 Cardioproof, H2020 WhoLoDancE and MyHealthMyData, and co-author of the Roadmap on In Silico Clinical Trials within the FP7 Avicenna. He is currently co-chair of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Interest Group in Health Data and the RDA Working Group on Blockchain Applications in Healthcare.


He has been member of the National Council for Economy and Labour (CNEL) and chairman of the CNEL Working Group on Social Market, co-chair of the Basic Income European Network, and Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the UCLA. He has been for several years a director of the National League of Cooperatives in Italy, being eventually in charge of the Economy and Finance Department within the Board of Presidents and has been cooperating with the Nobel Laureate James Meade.

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